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The island
The beauty of Poros, the green island of the Argosaronic Gulf, has obviously not escaped almost any artist, poet or writer. Don't miss to stroll in the town and the port of the island which are amphitheatrically built across Troizinia.

The island has an area of 23 square kilometers. Did you know that it consists of two smaller islands, Sphaeria (capital – port) and Kalavria, which are joined by a bridge over the small canal that separates them?

Kalavria was originally dedicated to the god Apollo. Later it was granted to Poseidon in exchange for Delphi. It is a green island, with abundant water. The smaller island of Sphaeria, is a rock of volcanic origin, where the current city is built.

Visit Poros Trails to get access to the best parts of Poros island all year round!


Archaeologists have found evidence of human presence on the island since the Neolithic period, in the same location which much later, hosted the sanctuary of Poseidon. Archaeological data gives evidence of habitations throughout the Bronze Age, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman times.

During the medieval times, the island remained uninhabited and became a pirates’ den. The name “Barbaria”, which is still used today for the bay of Vagionia, echoes the long-standing presence of corsairs on the island.

Since the 13th century, the Argosaronic islands were under the control of the Venetians. In the 15th century, Orthodox Arvanite populations settled in the medieval settlement of Kastelli, around the present-day Clock Tower.

At the end of the 18th century, Poros experienced remarkable prosperity. It was an era of rapid development for Greek commercial shipping. Shortly before the Revolution of 1821, several citizens of Poros had already been preparing the ground for the armed uprising.


Presently Poros has developed into a popular summer destination for Greek and foreign visitors. Some of the best attractions that you can visit are the traditional settlement with the picturesque waterfront, the Temple of Poseidon, the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, the Clock Tower and others, combined with the natural landscape and the idyllic beaches, all accessible through Poros Trails.

In recent times, the island hosted many artists and writers. In the Red House (Galini), the imposing stone mansion on the coast of Poros sighting Galatas, undoubtedly important personalities were hosted during the summers, such as Eleftherios Venizelos, the famous painter Marc Chagall and the great Greek Poet Giorgos Seferis.

Today, Poros is an important center of culture in the region, thanks of course to events organized by the Municipality throughout the year, along with important private initiatives, such as the pioneering Gallery “Citrone” and the international Piano Academy.


A large part of Poros is covered by a healthy, dense, pine tree forest, full of revitalising smells and oxygen. It is an ideal place to hike, even during the hot summer months. The forest often literally touches the pristine blue and green water beaches, creating an idyllic landscape of a Mediterranean beach.

Apart from the organized cosmopolitan beaches, with restaurants, beach bars, water sports and other amenities, Poros is also famous for its hidden and free beaches, such as Gerolimani beach.

The Lemon Forest of Poros in Troizinia is a dreamy landscape in shades of green and yellow. A large area of lemon trees are divided into several estates with hiking trails passing through. The forest ends at the beaches of Plaka and Aliki , where one can swim in the sea with a view of the lemon trees, almost emerging from the sea.

Hike on Poros Trails to visit all these amazing spots on the pristine island of Poros!

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How to get to Poros, best seasons, useful equipment and other questions are answered in detail to help you organise your trip

You just can’t wait to visit Poros Trails?

You can reach Poros Trails quickly and economically from Athens (2 hours) by car. Get first to the town of Galatas where boats depart to Poros every half hour. The duration of the boat trip is approximately 5′. Click here to find the latest boat timetable.

From Piraeus you can get to Poros within 1 hour with the flying dolphins and 2.5 hours with conventional ships. Itineraries are constantly changing and for your convenience you can call the Port Authority of Poros on 22980 22274

You can also visit Poros by bus. Check out the updated bus timetables. Be aware that they are subject to seasonal changes.

Some of the Poros Trails start at walking distance from the city of Poros. To get to the rest of the trailheads we provide you with some useful information here below.

Poros is a small island with few short-distance roads. The increased mobility of passenger vehicles during the summer season has subsequently brought the Municipality of Poros to take actions to limit the movement of vehicles in the center of Poros and to promote other modes of transport and especially traditional boats and public transport.

Public Municipal transport operates free of charge with routes every 20 minutes and departs from the New West Port. Check out the detailed routes here.

The taxi station is located in the center of the island’s seaside boulevard. Tel: 2298023003

Traditional passenger boats depart from Galatas every 10 minutes around the clock during the summer season.

The Municipality of Poros also offers bicycles with free use for up to 3 hours within the limits of the coastal road.

Visit Poros Trails all year round, provided of course that the weather forecast is favorable.

However, Spring and autumn are considered the best seasons for hiking. In the winter cold weather and rainfall can be expected, while in summer from 10am to 4pm the heat can be exhausting.

Trails and weather conditions can sometimes be rough. Therefore we recommend that you bring along hiking boots, a hat, sunscreen, long trousers and walking poles. They are considered essential. It is also advised not to walk alone and to always keep with you a first aid kit. A torch, and a well charged mobile phone are also important.

Take only memories, leave only footprints! Ants and other insects or animals have not yet discovered how to consume plastic. Take all rubbish back with you.

Don’t start a fire if you feel cold! Try to walk faster!

Smoking on the trail will not help in anything! Nor you, nor the risk of fire!

Local people are not a tourist sight! If you want to take a picture, kindly ask. They will certainly smile to you!

If you find a door on the trail, pass freely, and leave it as you found it!

Stay on the trail. There is a reason why for many centuries people chose to walk on them and not elsewhere!

European Emergency Number: 112

Poros Emergency Number: 15303

About us

Poros Trails is a project of the Municipality of Poros, with the aim of highlighting the natural and cultural wealth of the island through a well-organized network of hiking routes.


Signs & Waymarks

All of Poros Trails are sign-posted and way-marked in detail.